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Singularity University (SU) is building a global network of faculty and speakers who bring both deep subject matter expertise and a sense of wonder and enthusiasm to the project of creating a better future. Our speakers are entrepreneurs and executives, scientists and thought leaders, and our
global faculty recruitment and selection process is designed to identify new partners who will spearhead local innovation and bring awareness to the global grand challenges while transforming not only the way people think but even what they think is possible.

Selective process:

The selection process will be conducted by a partner recruiting company and validated by the SingularityU team in Silicon Valley. It will be selected 15 professionals, who will go through 3 stages over 2 months.

Approved teachers will be trained and certified by Singularity University in exponential technologies, leadership, innovation, and organizational transformation best practices.

Areas of interest

In the standard recruitment/selection process, each candidate passes through several rounds of vetting by SU Academics staff and faculty. Under the Country Partner Program, SingularityU Brazil will do an initial round of vetting and nominate qualified candidates across the following areas:

> Artificial Intelligence
> Robotics
> Digital Biology
> Medicine
> Neuroscience
> Digital Fabrication
> Nanotechnology

> Networks & Computing Systems (includes quantum computing)
> Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
> Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
> Agritech/Food
> Energy

Essential Qualifications

To be nominated, a qualified candidate must possess all of the following fundamentals:
> Deep expertise in, and passion for, exponentially growing/information-enabled technology
> Passion for SU’s mission
> Ability to see the big picture, and to effectively translate technical concepts to lay audiences
> Willingness to be trained in and to incorporate best practices related to the development and delivery of online and on-site courses and events
> Excellent verbal and written communication skills (high English proficiency)
> Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills

Faculty Application

Interested in being considered for SU faculty?

We are always on the lookout for the ‘best of the best’: experts in exponential technologies who have an innate future focus, an abundance mindset, and can link their technology expertise to the future we are living into right now. We seek industry experts, technology experts, and social impact experts to engage at our Silicon Valley Headquarters, and around the globe.

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