April 23 & 24, 2018
9 am to 5:30 pm
WTC São Paulo

Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551

Curiosity. Challenging the status quo. Departure from the
commonplace. A willingness to break patterns and do different. Long
ago, feelings like these gave rise to a still-timid evolutionary curve that
has traversed our history. Alongside, we shared information and
knowledge until the point in which we finally realized that the hesitant
curve had grown into an exuberant exponential curve. Pointing
toward infinity. Guiding our next steps into the unknown. The
exponential curve will not abandon us. It will be our eternal
companion as we face the greatest challenges of our time.

It will show us how to materialize new pathways and markets in 3D
Printers. It will make us stronger through Nanotechnology and Bionic
Prostheses. It will grant us Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Cars
powered by Infinite Solar Energy. And it may even make us immortal.
You may find this scary, or even disbelieve the power of the
Exponential Curve. You may judge it an exaggeration or think we still
have a long time ahead of us. The only thing you cannot do is ignore
that the curve will one day arrive and shake up our development. But
while many see doubts, we see a world of abundance.

While many ask questions, we nurture the desire.

Singularity University brings together
the world’s brightest minds and enables
them to create an abundant future
through the application of exponential

For the first time in Brazil, lecturers from
Singularity U will join Brazilian leaders
and innovators to present ecosystems
capable of navigating the major
transformations humanity is undergoing.

Read, feel and listen, connect with companies that are building exponential
technologies and learn about:

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(11) 4689-6666

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